December 21, 2007

A Small Day

Yesterday was a small day – perhaps the smallest of days. I woke up in one of those dark places. No I am not talking about Buffalo! I’m talking about a dark place of the soul, or the mind or the ankle. Any old body part will do.

And I want to place blame.

The dog did it. When in doubt, always blame the dog. The dog cannot respond.

The snow did it. It was snowing when I woke up and it was snowing when I went to sleep. In between, it was snowing. I have been transported to the Yukon. We have had more snow so far this month than we had all of last winter.

The winter solstice did it. It came one day early just to upset me. It deprived me of light with these short days. What is the opposite of light? Dark. Exactly my point. This blame stuff is easy to prove.

I tried to be productive but eventually I surrendered and treated the day as a snow day. Two movies and a nap later, dusk was rushing in. It must have been about noon.

I shoveled the snow and wondered what could help me. I needed a lamp to light my way.

Oh, I guess I've got one.

I needed a life line.

Got that too.

Sometimes the best that I can do is find a piece of beauty...

and hold on for a bigger day.


Rhea said...

That was really nice. Hey, it happens sometimes. I had a crummy night on Monday. Fed up with the snow everywhere. But I recovered by the next day.

Jim Hession said...

Thanks, Rhea.