July 31, 2010

Love is Gathered

Love is gathered
over years
from unlikely places

bushes on the side of the road
cobwebs in the corner
underneath the car seat
from the pocket of an old coat

Love is the cry of a child
a bark of the dog
giggles in bed
sharp words

hammering nails
folding laundry
baking cookies
paying bills

Love is gathered

tossed aside

glued together
held in wonder

Love is gathered
a mosaic of shards
stretched through decades
shimmering in the moonlight

July 24, 2010


Simple question:
Give me the view
from 30,000 feet
your childhood home

Simple answer:
Scary and unpredictable

Slideshow begins
in my head
conversation ends
connection severed

cells exploding
I can't listen
a child again

I leave
out the window
to treetops
green crowns of safety

it's all I have
my only protection

Will I always be
back to the wall
facing windows
looking for treetops?

July 18, 2010

An Image

An image
something growing
deep inside
buried in intestinal sludge

where tears and fears unite
amorphous shapes
songs crying
to be released

An image
apples hanging
listening to whispers

July 13, 2010


Just after Day's end
Fireflies emerge to startle
Am I blinking
Or is it them?

Seized by the moment

How to capture
To preserve for tomorrow's pleasure


is in the startle
in the discovery

July 11, 2010

Life Lessons of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweetness requires both light and dark.
A little vinegar mellows the mix.
Chocolate and nuts are a balancing act.
In heat, cookies spread and touch each other.
It's best if your nuts are toasted, but it's easy to get burned.

July 7, 2010

My Dancer

My dancer moved with grace
Twenty five years ago
First of many recitals
Grass skirt hula
Short bangs
Rouged cheeks

My dancer moves with grace
or not
Belly swelling
Tutu rising
Still on pointe
A dancer within

How could I have envisioned such joy?

July 4, 2010

Watermelon Smile

Watermelon smile

Lemonade laughter

Blueberry eyes

Sweet potato nose

A little melon mojo from

The girl with the strawberry curls