December 22, 2007

Fleece Navidad

The invitation to the small dinner party said that dress is “holiday – comfortable.” This certainly has caused confusion for me. Is it possible to be comfortable on a holiday? So much is expected that I am usually anxious.

I searched my closet in the “holiday – comfortable” section and came up empty. It was too far into the back of the closet and I could not see very well. I tripped over some old cowboy boots and a dusty Halloween outfit, but I don’t think that is the holiday they are talking about.

Maybe I could go as a St. Patrick’s Day reveler. I have some green Mardi Gras beads that would look great with my green fleece jacket and blue jeans. Or I could go as an Easter guy with my yellow fleece jacket and blue jeans. Maybe I could go in my Valentine outfit of my red fleece jacket and blue jeans - when I put my palms together at my waist I look like a big heart.

No, I can’t go as any of those holidays. I have to stick with the program. So tonight I am going to break out my red fleece jacket and blue jeans – red for holiday and jeans for comfort. Luckily none of the other dinner guests saw me on Valentine’s Day. I would not want to be caught wearing the same outfit twice.

Maybe I will dress up the outfit a little bit. I have some nice blue fleece gloves – or green fleece gloves. And I could add a matching fleece hat – in blue, green or red – I have all three.

Here's what I have chosen:

Do you think that they will let me in?

Fleece Navidad!

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