December 30, 2007

Rollover Minutes

I was really busy in the kitchen on Christmas morning. I am an early riser so my job is to get the turkey in the oven. I tucked that bird into the heat and I was on to other kitchen stuff. I even made some breakfast for my dear wife. All of this preparation created quite a mess.

“I’ll clean it up. I don’t want you to run out of energy. We have a long day ahead of us,” she said.

I replied, “No, I’ll clean up. Use me up while you can. Do you think I have rollover minutes?”

Many wireless cell phone carriers have rollover minutes, but I do not. I have a small window of useful energy minutes in any given day. And even that window requires frequent energy renewal breaks (eating.) The window runs from 6 AM to 1 PM. After that I am done. Done, done, done.

One exception to the general rule exists. If I suck down a really big caffeinated Diet Coke at lunch, the window is extended for fifteen minutes. However, during that time I cannot stop talking and flailing my arms and legs. So those extra minutes are not particularly productive.

I want more minutes. Where could I get some? Someone said to try Red Bull, but it has been suggested that Red Bull would probably launch me into outer space.

I wonder if I would get back in time for my nap?

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