June 21, 2002

On a Roll

I am on a roll. It feels like Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak of fifty six games, which has never been surpassed. I am going for a personal best of consecutive “good weeks.” The streak now stands at ten. My previous best was about two, maybe one and a half.

Those who know me would tell you that consistency is not one of my hallmarks. I am the king of up and down. In some circles I would be called a rapid cycler.

What happened? If I knew for sure I would bottle it. The changes seem to be in the little things, but most of all in attitude. And it is the little things that changed the attitude. My life has not changed a lot, but now I like it a whole lot better. Gratitude is in there somewhere.

But I am preparing for the inevitable crash. I was never a Boy Scout but I adopted their motto: “Be Prepared.” So I have found a new homepage for my computer: despair.com. It was made for me.

The site has many inspirational posters for sale. A picture of a large ship sinking suggests, “Mistakes - It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.” Or a picture of sunset and “Despair – It’s always darkest just before it turns pitch black.” And an iceberg carries the label “Problems – No matter how great and destructive your problems seem now, remember, you’ve probably only seen the tip of them.”

Ah, words to sink into depression by. Check out this real website.