June 10, 2007


We spent last night in West Yellowstone, Montana, a great little tourist town. We headed into the park early and were quickly stunned by the ride in. Within the first hour we had seen a bald eagle in a nest, a mother elk with her baby lying beside the river, and a small herd of bison including many babies. What a great start.

One of our first stops was a geyser basin. I suggested that they were named after me - as in “guy”ser. My wife thought that “geezer” was closer to the truth. I saw all 4 types of thermal features: geyser, hot spring, fumarole and mud pot. I only can write this because I looked it up again in my little book. My mind can no longer hold so much new information at once. I can say that all four involve hot water. I also saw a “bacteria mat.” I did not get too close. I don’t know what it is. It sounds bad. “Fumarole” - I think that it really is a type of pasta or Italian soup - or maybe a smelly roll.

As usual, I think it is always about me. There was even a street sign about me. The sign said “Caution Wildlife on Road.” That’s me! I am having a wild life on the road.

We attended a Junior Ranger presentation, just my speed. It was about horns and antlers. Did you know that there are 4 types of animals in the park with horns and four with antlers? And only one sex has antlers, but I forget which one. And you can tell the difference between male and female horns? I knew all of this and more for about 5 minutes but I have already forgotten all of it. Memory loss is a new way of living in the moment. I could go back to the same presentation tomorrow and enjoy it because I would be learning it all anew.

I spent most of my day buying t-shirts for myself. I pretended to enjoy Old Faithful and the tour of the Old Faithful Inn, but really my mind was on t-shirts. At this rate I may have a whole new wardrobe by the time I get home.