January 25, 2008

Right Time, Wrong Place

This picture is of San Carlos RV Park and Resort in Fort Myers, Beach, Florida, where I am currently residing. “What happened to Homosassa?” you ask. Ah, I will tell you.

Simply put, Homosassa was the wrong place for my wife and me to be. After many years spent in Fort Myers Beach, we decided to try a new area this year for many good reasons. However, our decision turned out to be wrong for us. So we cut our losses and moved on to what we new best – Fort Myers Beach.

We have been fortunate to find a place in the same campground we were in last year. Since we did not have a reservation, we are bouncing around a bit from site to site. But the air is warm and the beach is nearby from every site.

I have had a hard time getting ready to write this piece. My blogging was delayed by the move and I wanted to get started again, but every day I found an excuse not to write. Today I finally realized that I did not want to tell you that I made a mistake. I get a shame attack from mistakes of all sizes. And going public with the mistake only magnifies the shame.

By not admitting my mistake, I remained stuck. I could not write about all the other great stuff that I have been noticing: osprey, visions of Jesus, Rush Limbaugh, and tattoo’s. Can you imagine what you have been missing?

There. My confession is over. I will give myself three lashes with a wet noodle, when I am not using the noodle to float in the heated pool.

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