January 10, 2008

Mermaids, Cats and Alligators

I snapped this picture at the KOA campground in Point South, South Carolina. It’s called “The Swimming Mermaid.” The title seems redundant to me. Are there non-swimming mermaids? I have not seen one. Of course I have not seen “The Little Mermaid.” But it seems to me that water is always involved.

This mermaid sculpture seems destined to stay out of the water and I think I know why. The pool at the campground had the following sign: “This pool is equipped with a URINE DETECTOR.” I should have taken a picture of the sign too since you probably do not believe me. But I swear it’s true! Just ask the mermaid. Why do you think she stays out of the water? And so did I.

I am telling you all this so that you know what classy establishments I frequent on this trip. Just last night I went eat at the Saltwater Cowboy in St. Augustine Beach. Saltwater and cowboy – there are two words that you don’t often see together. I read some good reviews on the place at chowhound.com. Several reviews mentioned that feral cats roamed outside the restaurant. Again, how often do you see the words feral cats and restaurant used in the same sentence?

The Saltwater Cowboy was as advertised – good Florida cracker food with an entrance lined with cats. They are famous for their catfish, oysters and alligator tail. I had the St. Louis ribs. St. Louis seemed far enough to be safe.

I am staying in Anastasia State Park on the beach in St. Augustine. Right down the street is one of the big local attractions – Alligator Farm. You actually can pay to be scared by alligators. I have drawn a line in the sand. I am not paying to see them and I am not eating them.

I wish someone would introduce those alligators to some feral cats! Or vice versa!


tigerheart said...

Hey there cowboy. Who ever said -al is fer-! I love the mermaid and what you have to say about her, and wow! I love her hair (head)! And by the way just how do you imagine that mermaids actually urinate. I would bet you could get a good lead on the golden stream in mermaids from Google. It was just a though that trickled through my mind, when you and the mermaid were contemplating the pool as your new home. And don't you already live with a Merr-i-maid, you lucky guy?!! That's not -al fer- either!! I think that maybe you should give up restaurants and steal instead into wherever that mermaid hangs her hat (do mermaids wear hats??), pick her up off that silly stick she stands on, find the nearest water and dive in together, like Tom Hanks did in that movie, - and what would happen, - you just never know!! Blub, blub, blub!!

Jim Hession said...


You have brought back memories of Daryl Hannah - always a good thing. Maybe there is a reason cats, even big cats, dislike water.