July 20, 2008

Meat Cove

For the last two days we have been travelling on the Cabot Trail on Cape Bretton in Nova Scotia. The Cabot Trail, about 180 miles long, is known as one of the most scenic drives in the world and it did not disappoint.

At the end of the first day we were in a crafts store near the top of the trail. The woman in the shop asked if we were planning to take the road which went off the Trail and up to the tippity top of the Cape. We were not planning to do it, but at her urging we changed our route. She said there were a couple of campgrounds out there.

I was a little concerned because the map showed that one of the campgrounds was in Meat Cove and the map showed that it was on a dirt road. My motorhome does not like dirt roads. But there was always the other campground.

The other campground was closed so we set off for Meat Cove. The paved road soon turned to red dirt. And it was not as flat as it looked on the map. In fact the road went up and down over mountains as they plunged to the sea. It wasn't long before I knew we were in trouble. Remember, this was all at the end of a long day of driving. I was not pleased.

And then we saw the moose. He was eating by the side of the road and took off into the woods when we saw us. Maybe this would be a special place.

We arrived and I knew that we had made a good choice. This had to be the best view from any campground in North America:

In the next picture look at the house on the top of the hill. Just below it is the road. That will give you some idea about the road in. Again, this picture is from the campsite.

We were mesmerized by the view. We set up our chairs and sat there until dark. There was no need to read. We just absorbed all that we could see. Here is later that evening:

I could show you a lot more pictures as the day wore on. They all are spectacular.

I was awakened early the next morning by rain on the roof. The horizon was a brilliant pink and continued to change color as the sun rose. A few minutes later, two bald eagles drifted by.

What a twenty four hours!


Tom Olien & Virginia Lake said...

Just picked up with your posting Jim & Mary. What a great adventure you are having. Everybody should have a Meat Cove experience. We had ours 11 years back in our first modest camper van. It is indeed a unique place on the planet, and a point of connection to all who have been there.
A special memory for me was seeing a flickering of Aurora to the north, just peaking over the top of the 400 ft hill to the North. With flashligh in hand, for the third time that day I climbed to the top of the hill for a clear view to the north to view a dancing blue-green aurora right under the summer Big Dipper, like a gas flame simmering a delicious stew.
Glad to see you enjoying the Canadian Maritime Provinces. We will look for more of your adventures. Are there some pictures of your camper. We will send some of our van bought last summer. Hoping to travel west before end of summer.
Cheers from Tom & Virginia

Tom H. said...

We had our Cape Breton experience many years ago in a VW van made into a camper. We "just" circled the Cape, no trips to mountaintops, but still recall the spectacular views - both thinking what a place to live it would be.
Enjoy very moment!

Tom H.