October 9, 1997

I am wired. Right now, I am wired. Right at this very moment, I am wired. How long will it last? I do not know.

Did you ask, “What does ‘wired’ mean?” I can only tell you what it means to me. It means that I cannot sit still. I want to do a thousand things and I want to do them all at once. But I can only do five or six things at a time, so it does not seem like I am getting anything done. I have to close my eyes and try to concentrate just to write this. Energy is surging through my body. All the tense spots hurt more than usual. I want to go. I want to do. I want to talk. I want to scream. I am singing, whistling and tapping. The sky is bluer. The colors are brighter. I am in the flow.

Am I the only one who feels like this today? I am sure that the answer is no. I think that there may be people who feel like this a lot. We each have our own set of energy levels. We are not always at the same level, but one level predominates. I classify myself as a low energy person. I do not feel this wired state too often. My wired state maybe the natural state for a high energy person.

One evening I met an old friend, a high energy friend, who was in town for business. Now evening is the low point of energy in my day. As our conversation progressed I could find myself stretching and struggling to meet her energy level. I was sitting up on the edge of the chair, talking excitedly, and waiving my hands. I was trying to be wired, and it was so hard. Finally I stopped. I stopped trying to be someone who I am not. I went back to my normal energy level and went back to being who I am.

Is it good to be wired? I do not know. I have not decided yet. Until recently I thought that it was bad for me to be wired because I seemed to pay a price on the other side. My energy level would dip below normal and I did not like the cycle. But now I do not seem to have those dips. The cause of these surges is now a more natural high. It is not sugar or caffeine. It is living fully with hope.

So I am not going to look for a surge protector for my brain and body.

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