July 24, 2010


Simple question:
Give me the view
from 30,000 feet
your childhood home

Simple answer:
Scary and unpredictable

Slideshow begins
in my head
conversation ends
connection severed

cells exploding
I can't listen
a child again

I leave
out the window
to treetops
green crowns of safety

it's all I have
my only protection

Will I always be
back to the wall
facing windows
looking for treetops?

1 comment:

Gayle Perkins said...

Powerful and moving.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
Perhaps the act of sharing can at moments loosed the isolation.

I can say that I beleive I understand. Yet, as we know oh to well, early experiences of life as such are just that individual. Isolation by there very nature.

Namaste to you!

Gayle Perkins